Sobre nós / About us

The Austro-Brazilian owner Alexander Lengyel , who was an innovative pioneer a few years ago with the first vegan sushi restaurant , is realizing his dream of bringing Brazilian street party and power food to Austria, true to the motto “comida e alegria ( Food and Joy).

F!esta offers the famous Brazilian “ salgadinhos ” (snacks) such as coxinhas, bolinhas de queijo, kibe and others, perfect for a quick snack or to share at social gatherings with friends and family.

A highlight is the country's most popular pastry, the " Pão de Queijo ", a cheese roll made with cassava flour instead of wheat flour and is particularly popular with anyone who has ever been to Brazil.

In addition, F!esta is proud to be the first to offer natural juices made from exotic fruits such as caju, graviola, caja and cupuaçu . These vitamin-rich superfoods are not only healthy, but also have a taste that is unknown in this country.

And of course the trendy açai shouldn't be missing either!

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